There's a girl I like, but I'm shy and don't know how to tell her?

I see her almost every day at school, but I don't even think she remembers my name. I'm too shy to talk to her when there's people around, but there always are people around. What should I do? Tell her or just ignore my feelings about her? And if I should tell her how do I start talking to her without making things awkward immediately?


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  • Don't talk to her with the intention of winning her heart. Genuinely try to be a great friend first. Ask her for help on something or even better, find something you and her can connect on. (Like if you find out she like something that you have an interest in as well... Maybe it's Star Wars or something) and just talk to her about it. There was a senior in my biology class and I found him to be very attractive but he didn't talk very much and he always worked alone. I found out he was trying to switch out of the class (and I had wanted to switch out of the class as well) so I went up to him in class and asked him why he wanted to switch and how he's convincing the school staff to let him out.


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