I just don't know if her and I are meant to be?

So my girlfriend (19) and I (24) are dating on our technically 3rd time around since June of last year. Before we even started dating, she was purposely trying to push me away saying she was damaged all that stuff someone might say: I kept pushing so we started going out. Off the bat, she had some exes still in her life: a marine who still flirts with her, a high school fling who constantly asks her to hang out, and a long distance ex who she considers her best friend. I told her it was wrong to keep exes in your life, but she assured me they were friends and friends only. The marine she ended up going out to dinner with (with his family I might add) and then went to his house for a bonfire. She ignored my calls and messages the entire time. I almost broke up with her then, but gave her another chance. The high school fling she kept asking if she could hang out with him, despite him always asking for her "back". The ex of long distance caused our first breakup. I found sexts between them on her phone. She blamed me for this saying my drinking problem led her to do that. We now have a deal where if I don't drink, she keeps him blocked. She stated if I drink again, she can talk to him again: is that even right? She states they're just friends and it won't happen AGAIN. It shouldn't have happened in the first place. Another breakup happened because I asked her to move out of my apartment a while back because of how lazy and messy she was: dishes with food left on the floor, clothes all over. Also she dropped out of school and worked a waitressing job 10 hours a week maximum. When she wasn't working she stayed at the apartment playing Xbox all day. Another time we broke up recently (last week) because I told her she needed to work more hours or go back to school. She claims she will start working more, but I have yet to see it. I admit I did have a drinking problem but never harmed her. Am I dumb for still trying? should I find a way for her and I to keep working?
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  • Set some boundaries and stick to them.

    • I mean with regards to her having contact with the other guys. If she can't work with that, I'd move on. If she can stay away from the other guys, don't let her move back in with you unless she agrees to be neat enough and contribute something financially.

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