I miss the guy that ghosted me?

So long story short. I met this guy on a dating app. He was super nice and respectful towards me. We liked the same things and texted for a week straight. I really started to like him. A few days in, he suggested to met me and yes I was terrified but really trusted him. We met at a coffee shop about a week later after texting constantly everyday. I was super excited but scared you know? The date was kinda awkward cause I’m a shy person but overall it was good. I texted him once after the date but he seemed super distant. He never texted me after that. I learned the hard way that he ghosted me. It’s been a few weeks and don’t think of him that much. But at times I still really miss him. We had a really great bond and maybe not the best chemistry but I definitely felt like I was talking to a really great friend. Before I was kinda going through a rough patch and talking to him felt refreshing. It really sucks that he just disappeared like that. I know I shouldn’t text him and annoy him. Any advice?
I miss the guy that ghosted me?
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