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How do you feel knowing your future wife/husband is out there? I literally think about my future husband all the time. How he’ll look like, what he’ll be like. Share your thoughts below!!


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  • Good knowing that there's someone out there for me, but also worried. What if she's already taken, what would our life even be like, will we fight often, etc. etc.


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  • I once came across an answer on Yahoo answers and while there was no picture she seemed like the girl of my dreams. In all honesty It seems very difficult to meet her specifically as she is one woman out of millions.

    In a way I do feel a little uncertain as it could take forever to meet a girl who would love and adore me for me but I'm sure she's out there.

  • I always get different thoughts, because looks aren't the only thing I want from a girl, I also have multiple different personalities I really like. When I think about someone I like, I really think they are the one, but they are not at all like the pictures I always see in my head.


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