What is having a boyfriend like? (Mostly the good stuff please lol)?

I haven't had a boyfriend, and focused more on school and or work. However, I am curious "girls" apart from the work it takes to keep a relationship going, what is it like with your boyfriend? Things like going out of staying in for the evening, is it nice to just have someone to talk to or bounce idea's off of?

I don't mean for my question to seem too simple, I just was wondering what it was like to have someone want to hold your hand and sneak a peak at you when you don't think he is paying attention. Thanks all!


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  • It's really nice. I love having someone I can talk to about anything. I love feeling loved. I love spending time with him because he makes everything better


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  • My boyfriend and I have been dsting for two years. Relationships aren't easy. We live 45 min apart. We are both students and we both work. Making time for each other isn't always convenient. We're strapped financially so we dont go out much. But there's a wonderful sense of comfort when you hear friends talking about drama with their fuck buddies and you can't

    • *and you can breathe a sigh of relief that you dont have to participate in stupid relationship games.

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