Why won’t he talk to me anymore?

There a guy I’m romantically involved with for 6 months, and he was madly in love with me, and would tell me I’m his soulmate. We’ve had our ups and downs, but last week we had a fight and he got upset. After not talking for a day he messages me saying he loves me and that he thinks I’m amazing and all this. We weren’t officially together but we were planning on making it official when I would move to where he lives in the fall. He says now I don’t know where this is going anymore because he’s tired of being hurt by me. He rarely talks to me now, and I feel like he’s distant. If you love someone you would want them no matter what (except for toxic behaviour) so why is he not talking to me as much as he used to?


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  • Anyone else see this?
    First off... this seems like an LDR...(despicable!!!)
    Secondly... seems like you were the only one in love darling
    Thirdly... doesn't it bug you that when you are about to move near... he gets distant?
    Fourthly... i don't know you, i don't know him, but i know what i smell... sniiiiiiiffff... back up chick.
    Fifth... this is all your perpective..."... madly in love with me..." umm... ever heard of the honeymoon phase?

    bottom line... this guy was toying with you and you took it serious and when he saw that... he is trying to create distance... probably because he already has a wife/baby mama... and im guessing this was an online meet.
    Let this one go boo-boo.


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