Thoughts on going to a club with someone?

this guy i have been talking to on snapchat who’s friends with one of my old friends asked me to go to a club with him this week and dance with him. i’ve never met him before and my old friend would be going with us too but i haven’t seem his friend in years. i’ve never been to a club and i don’t know how to dance. 18+ club we wouldn‘t be drinking. I’m sort of a shy girl i don’t even know what i would do there.. i feel like i would be a little awkward i told him i don’t know how to dance and he said he would teach me.. the way kids dance today is just grinding basically this is tough. if it was slow dancing i would be all for it, i’m looking for a relationship i told him i’m not like the other girls there i don’t hookup and he said it’s not like that.. i really like him and he seems like a great guy but i don’t know what to do.. i really want to hangout with him though. any thoughts? should i go?


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  • I would not make that a first date or first time meeting venue. Nothing wrong with going to a club though if that's what you're into. But sounds like that's not your scene. The most important thing is that you are able to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. If he's really the great guy you say he is he'll understand.

    • where should i ask him to to instead?

    • What are you into? Do you like coffee? My go to is going to a cafe to get tea or coffee. Just try to stick to somewhere public and comfortable you will feel more relaxed trust me :)

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