How important is your partners body odor/smellto you?

We all have a specific body odor that is as unique as our fingerprint. Also we are all attracted to people that are attractive to us. If we're talking about long term relationships you'll have to live with that smell for a long time. How much do you think this body odor is important in attraction and long term relationships?
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  • Although her visual appeal is more important to me, I do care about scent as well. I want the smell her breath to be comforting yet erotic at the same time. I don't want to feel like throwing up everytime I kiss her. I also wanna be able enjoy the raw, natural scent of her body when she's gone all day without showering. Something about it just seems so animalistic.

  • We are animals who sweat, piss, fart, and make all sorts of other sounds and smells. Simply put, we're just going to stink from time to time. If it's an occasional thing, whatever. But if she obviously doesn't try to maintain basic hygiene, I'm not spending time around her

    • I wasn't talking about hygiene here. I'm talking about the natural body smell of a person after showering and everything

  • Important.


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