Why are girls such hypocrites?

You claim that a guy shouldn’t wait to date till he’s in the right financial status cause that might never happen. Well if he can’t afford a car he’ll forget the car if he can’t even afford driving classes cause he has no family to teach him you’ll reject him thinking he’s a low life when it’s completely out of his control.


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  • I guess it's more of a commodity girls aren't hypocrites I bet it's just the type of girls you've gone after. Don't complain about these girls because there are girls who are honest and will love you for you and will help you build your life up with them

    • I’m building it’s just moving at a slower rate cause I don’t have all these resources other people have most of my immediate family is dead

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  • TL/DR "I hate girls because they won't date me."

    • No I just wanna know why girls flip flop like crazy pick a fucking side

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  • Not every girl is a hypocrite. You just haven't met the right person for u. 😀

  • I wouldn't reject anyone for those reasons

    • Yeah my family never had money currently putting myself through college

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    • Yeah I have been on dating sites and seen where some girls refuse to date a guy who dosent have a car like I said above I don’t even have a license cause i never had family to teach me so I would have to pay for the lessons plus insurance plus the car and that’s not feasible with the fact I’m paying the tuition I’m paying right now

    • Don't waste your time on those girls then. Girls are more than capable of taking lessons and driving themselves so putting that in their dating profile says more about them than you.

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