Why didn't he call?

So I am sure everyone has been there. But my heart aches so I have to ask...

We met. Have a few great dates. Literally great. He said I made him feel alive. He said he couldn't believe how lucky he was. We texted all day and night. Finally got some time to ourselves. Had great (I thought it was) sex. He kept screaming "Oh my god... where did you learn how to do that?". He kissed me goodbye. We were going to meet for coffee in the morning. He texted and said he was sorry but he couldn't meet (had a totally legit excuse) but he would text later.

Nothing. Ever again. I don't understand. We agreed to keep it casual. I didn't pressure him. We he said he couldn't meet I just "No problem, I get it!". Now I am so broken.

Help. Where do I go from here?
Lol. Everyone is so right. And I already knew all this. Funny how being sad makes us pretend like there are alternative truths when the real one is too painful to handle.


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  • You go find another person who will invest his time in you.


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  • Maybe he was kidnapped by a Mexican cartel who was sold to a Martian from outer space as a sex slave.

  • Could be all sorts of reasons. Mabe he dropped his phone in the toilet as is also going nuts. Mabe he's realised your not the one for him.

  • He just wanted sex that's all and sold dreams

    • I know you are right but it makes it so much worse that he was so sweet about it afterwards. Oh well. Moving on.

    • Well that's how they get the tun tun

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