Asking random people or strangers out on a date still worth it?

I do get advice all the time about dating.

Guys highly encourage me to go to a club or party and just ask a girl out.

I never wanted to do that because I had no interest in strangers.

Personally, when I am approaching a girl then trying to be little friendly and comfortable and such, but then try to go for a date. It's just a lot of work and no fun.

It's because it's like I meet a person who is very stuck up, very fake, and full of expectations. Like a cringy job interview and it's tense and hella boring at the same time.

People would also say just date strangers but focus on me and for the sex.

So if I went on a date with a stranger, and she totally has terrible political views, philosophical views, and its just hard to have a decent conversation with her to know her and just her only, like what she likes, what she does for fun and etc. I just got to remain calm, focus on me, and see if I can get into her panties. I just find it idiotic.

Then if we have sex, she is all latchful and full of more expectations from me. Then I am stuck with a person who I hate, dislike and was a total waste of time. Then its like I feel more of a douche trying to get my way with her then kick her to the curb when I am done with her.

I had a lot of thought into this. I like to be friends with girls to know them more then upgrade into relationships.

However, they are so fast with getting into a relationship. This is about average but I somehow keep meeting girls in their end stage of a relationship, and they would try to use me as a rebound after like a 30-minute conversation with them and I am like hell no.

After a few weeks or a month or so of knowing them. I see that they are really fun to be around with eventually after I know them it's too late by then. They find a douchey dude and kick me to the curb.

Any advice I guess?


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  • I have no interest in strangers. But at the same time, how will they ever cease to be strangers if we don't introduce ourselves?

    • I thought the same way too but I do get advice from girls that tell me to focus on me and let people approach me. Which does happen at times but usually, it's a girl with a troubled relationship and she is quickly super flirty and sexual like towards me. It kinda puts me off and distant. Anyway, I'm currently trying to introduce myself through WordPress blogging and sharing my experiences in life so far so next time I meet someone, I can mention my blog and they can go see that and if they don't like it or try to pop some crazy philosophies about my life then SCREW THEM lol :)

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    • Oh, I get what you are saying, I approach everyone with a friendly attitude but it's never for dating purposes. Approaching is easy but getting to know others and others wanting to know me is hard. I am tired of proving myself to people and also trying to see the bright side in others. So far all of it was always draining and a waste of time for me. Dating wise, I usually like to approach females who smile first but it's usually rare and out of know where and I get caught off guard by it and have a confused face which drifts them away, lol. Also, keep up with what you do, who know's you might be the next big youtube star lol.

    • Oh i plan on being the next big internet star. It's only a matter of patience.

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  • I met my boyfriend at a hardware store. It took 3 months to realize we had the same friends, and one of them is a cousin of mine. We stayed friends for five months before dating. The timing was perfect and everything fell in place.

    • That is cool, for some reason i hear a lot of people make dates that way. Though Friendly connections. I didn't have much friends sadly because i was kissing all their butts instead and draining the hell out of me to make it so that I was distant from others.

    • Through* sorry auto corret

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