Guys, does this mean he likes me? Or not?

Okay so i have a big crush on this guy i use to work with and i use to look at him all the time, like staring. He obviously noticed and he responded by staring back at me, later on i even started to notice him staring at me when i wasn’t looking at him, and everytime i catched him doing it he would turn away really fast or hold my gaze. I use to catch him staring at me even across a crowded room.
After almost a year of this daily eye locking between us my friend told him that i like him, he then said ”i have a girlfriend and i don’t want to cheat on her” why even say that? It’s not like anyone said that he should cheat?

but still after that he continued to lock eyes with me all the time, i added him on facebook and no response, i don’t work with him anymore but i actually saw him at the train station (we had not seen eachother for a month) but still when he saw me he didn’t take his eyes off me until the train came, i then wrote him a message but no reply, that was 3 months ago.
my friend even texted him like a week ago asking why he doesn’t respond to me but he didn’t reply to her either... At first i was 100% sure that he was into me based on how he was acting twoards me but now i have no idéa.


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  • He's not going to make any actions towards you. If it does not happen within 3 days it will doubtfully ever happen.

    By occasion you can grab him when he's drunk or you can also wait for his relationships to break.

    And you can also start your own strategy to get him, it may work.

    • But do you think he was ever into me based on how he has behaving?

    • Any man is always into you if you're young and hot.

  • It's best to let this one go and move forward. Even if he is interested it's obvious he isn't going to act on it possibly due to his relationship status.

    • I know.. but i feel like he has kind of been giving me mixed signals, i just don’t understand why he has been acting like this when he has a girl and obviously doesn’t want to break up with her

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    • But would a guy really look this much at a girl if he weren’t at least attracted to her?

    • Possibly but guy and girls both check other people out all the time even when in relationships. It doesn't really mean they want to be with the person they are looking at.

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