I overheard her talking about her exes penis size?

So I’ve been with this girl for around 5 months now and she is awesome. We are exactly the same and we get on so well with eachother. The trouble is, she is a lot more experienced than I am. She’s been with 9 guys and she is only my 3rd. She always bangs on about how big my penis is and I know all girlfriends say that to make us feel better (such a lie lmao), I just shrug it off because I know I’m over average but not huge. Anyway, we live in the same house with a few other friends and I hear something in the kitchen. My girlfriend went out with her friend last night and they obviously saw someone who had slept with my girlfriends ex. The girl said ‘oh my god, you’re ***** ex, he had the biggest ***** I’ve ever seen, you must be ruined’. My girlfriend didn’t comment exactly on his size during this conversation but they were both in fits of laughter. She doesn’t know I heard them talking and so I don’t know whether to pick up on it. Obviously it’s more of an ego thing isn’t it, and I’m pretty confident in bed. But I struggle with knowing she has been with a lot more people with me, and I’m finding it really hard to comprehend that my girlfriend could be ‘ruined’.
No hate please, just want to know how I should attack this.
I overheard her talking about her exes penis size?
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