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What do I do when my boyfriend starts acting like a spoiled kid?

We live together and earlier this morning we got into a bit of a argument. He royally pissed me off. Every day I come home after working my two jobs. I cook, clean and wash clothes ( if needed ). I make sure when he walks in he has a plate and a glass of whatever he'd like. Last night I was washing clothes. ( Well all day after errands ) and I fell asleep after putting them in the dryer. I usually take them out and iron them so he can have pressed clothes for work. So we woke up due to his alarm at 6 am, I roll back over cause I was tired and I hear him mumbling. I forgot to iron his work shirt cause I fell asleep the first time I've done this. So I sit up and ask him if he would like me to iron it for him and he goes " no I'll just iron it myself " I didn't fight it I just went back to layin down. Soon he leaves for work and makes a comment saying " I don't don't wash right, I didn't iron his shirt and this and that. I don't iron his clothes or whatever. " Mind you he never runs out of clean clothes cause I wash them so often and iron them so often. The kicker is that he had other work shirt ironed he could have worn He kept on saying I don't do things, but I literally clean up after him. Who does he think does the cooking, dishes, cleaning and wash? Not to mention I pay my half of the bills AND do 50 hours a week at work. Like I'm beyond pissed and we need to talk about it but I don't know how to approach this topic without a huge fight.
What do I do when my boyfriend starts acting like a spoiled kid?
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