How to explain to a potential date my difficult circumstances?

How to explain to a potential date my difficult circumstances?

Currently I don't drive for reasons I can't get into in this post, so i have to rely on public transportation.

The other thing is that my parents are very traditional, so I would strongly avoid involving them or letting them know what's going on. I would rather not have to try and explain myself or else I would have a Clinton-esque scandal on my hands (minus the sex mind you). That's not to say that there isn't some great girl out there that I would feel more or less confident my parents would take a liking to and allow to go out with their son, but I haven't found one yet.

After school is the best time for me to go out because I'll be free of my household's confines and with a good excuse too. That's iffy though because then weekends are out of the question. In any case, all this sounds to me like a big ol' turn off for any girl.

Is there someway that I can explain it so that it sounds less awful? Just thinking about it I feel like some loser adult child under the control of mommy and daddy tyrant. It's really just because they tend to be over cautious and overly focused on preserving a strong family bond. In any case, if I could just get some good excuses to cover it up i'd feel a lot better about making plans.


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  • People are pretty understanding now a days. Its not hard to just say... i dont have a car... or my license is expired... etc


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  • Im sorry my friend but you have to stand up and say that you are an adult out loud.
    I understand if you respect your family tradition or whatever it is (no offense) but yes, it would be a turn-off to most of girls.
    Wish you all the best bro.


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