Can you know who your soulmate is, without even having the opportunity to the person?

Yeah, stupid question maybe. But have you ever walked past plenty of girls/guys on the street (or so it goes) without feeling any emotion towards the stranger at all but then...

Perhaps you see a recurring stranger, someone that almost captivates you. You're totally intrigued by the person's appearance and there's something incredibly warm about their smile/presence? All of a sudden, you find yourself thinking about that particular stranger often, or even as if that stranger is familiar to you in some weird respect?

That's happened to me. I don't even know this guy. He's like every other stranger passing me on the street, but there's something different with this one. And something that attracts me to him. It just so happens I see him everyday, as he comes off the train as I get on the train. Hence the never having time to speak part.

Has anybody experienced this kinda thing?
  • I've never felt this towards any stranger, without at least having spoken to them
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  • I've felt this kind of feeling before, but only after having spoken
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  • I've felt this feeling before, without even speaking to the person
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  • This idea of a soul mate is silly as that can also doom u 2 walk the earth alone as your soul mate could die

    • Well fair enough, I just believe there's someone for everyone... whether that person unfortunately dies or not.

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    • How so if that is my true choice

    • because it's really what you make of certain situations. 'Fate' has brought a lot of unhappiness and misfortune my way, but I've chose to rise above the cards that were dealt to me... and remain resilient through adversities. The resilience and determination to succeed have allowed me to be content and happy with life thus far.

  • There's no such thing as soulmate only prefferences

    • Interesting I guess, but I still believe in someone being out their with a soul that resounds closely/complements mine

  • I never felt that.


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