I think I might have a boyfriend but not realised it till now?

Strange title I know but I'll explain so my crush at work knows I like him and i know he likes me, basically everyone knows we like each other and we practically act like a couple and people keep on referring to him as my boyfriend and me as his girlfriend but as we work so closely together when asked by people I've said "I don't shit on my own door step"and I even though I really like him I think it's a bad idea and bad timing as I have a lot to focus on now like my apprenticeship and moving house.

We haven't talked about it to each other face to face only though friends saying he said she said but we both know we like each other for sure and have not denied it but act obvious to knowing what the other has said.

we spend so much time together it's just happening naturally now without noticing for example well make cups of tea for each other, spend lunch together talking and watching movies on his phone snuggled up in some little fort we made at the back of the warehouse we work in for a laugh and the other day I looked down and noticed we were holding hands, i didn't even realize we've been doing that a lot lately. Also the fact everyone sees us as a couple even though were not really, is bad because if I was to go out with him it's not like we can keep it a secret now it's to late and it's just happening naturally and I feel there's nothing we do about it anymore, are feelings for each other have just started taking over us trying to fight it now and I just feel confused and unsure what I'm getting into.

I know I need to talk to him about this but I'm scared I'll end up getting what i want in my heart and say yes I want to be with him even though my head is screaming "no, you stupid girl you'll regret it and mess your career up" I feel I can't say yes or no to wanting to be with him because either way it's going to effect me badly.
Sorry I always write to much I just like to but the little details in


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  • From parents perspective:
    You really wanted a job, now you have found an opportunity with this apprenticeship and your boss is taking you under his wing to help you with teachings, maybe you shouldn't waste this chance and focus on the job 😑 *serious parents face*

    From my perspective:
    I like him idc of anything, I'm going to confess my love because I want him with me ❤
    I just hope that then your boss can be understanding, I mean yes there is love but not going to slack on the job, right? Can it be really be so wrong...


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  • If you want to focus on other things , don't rush very fastly , but you both like each other then confess it to each other officially ( only a formality) as you both know it :)


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  • well if you haven't talked about it then he's not your boyfriend. as for the fact that you work together, as long as there's no outward rule against it at your company (i know in some workplaces it's completely inappropriate and not even allowed) i say go for it. sure it could be weird if you break up but i think it would be worse to spend your whole life wondering what if.

  • If it’s not official it’s not a relationship.
    I was in this situation once, I ended up telling the guy I liked him (like it wasn’t obvious... we held hands and cuddled in public). We dated for 7 months.
    In my experience a guy whose not man enough to ask you out when it’s obvious you like him isn’t worth your time of day.

  • There’s different degrees of ‘boyfriend’. It’s not official so neither one of you really has a commitment. But you should talk about it.

    • I should add that it’s a grey area. Personally if I go out with a woman a few times I don’t expect her to act like we’re married. She is free to see other guys if she wants BUT I don’t want to hear one peep about it.

  • When would it be a good moment?


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