Am I overreacting?

So before I started Dating my current boyfriend we were talking for a while. Then randomly he told me he wanted to let me know that he was going out on a date with someone who he has been close to for a long time and he wanted to let me know before things got serious between us. At the time I didn't Care I thought That was the last of us. Turns out it wasn’t.. a couple weeks later he hits me up again and talking about how it (the date) didn’t go so well and how he wanted to start talking again and now we’re dating. But I heard From another girl that the girl he went on a date with is currently his girl best friend who he talks to every single day/still is in contact with. Do I have The right to be jealous/upset because it’s his “best friend” who he had some type of feelings for or is it not my place because they’ve been best friends before I came Along... and he doesn’t talk about her in front of me. But he doesn’t know that I know She is the one he went on a date with


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  • I'm personally just glad when someone comes around. It isn't worth drama usually if you like him but you should tell him you know to keep the resentment out of things. It'll help u clarify what your relationship actually means to both y'all


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