Why did he change?

In the beginning my boyfriend was ti good ti be true he made me feel wanted and like i was the best thing ever but now its like i get the silence treatment fir no reason he dont touch me or nothing i have to do it all but he says he loves me what is really going on


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  • In the beginning, he couldn't see you, he saw various projections, and you also projected only the best parts of yourself. The connection was mind based, not from the soul, and it was a connection born from a low state of consciousness.

    The ego is a fallacy, and in time, it begins to see that which was hidden. Then the ego was no longer satisfied with the positive feelings based on the false projections and ideas it was feeding itself, so it fell apart.

    Now the ego wants something new, but it also does not want to leave its comfort zone. People call this the honeymoon period, but they don't even realize that it is much deeper.

    You will find that the same thing happens again and again, and has already happened many times before.

    The solution would require much time, and much faith.

    The silent treatment he gives, is an attempt of the ego to gain more power and attention, but it also comes from resentment.

    • I see now so should i end it or try to fix it

    • You can't fix it, you can only ''fix'' yourself. Who are you? what is beneath your exterior? what is beyond your mind and daily thoughts? Only you know the answer to whether to end it or not.

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  • He may have lost interest but scared to break up cos he don't wanna be alone

  • I think he's angry that you really hate the letter 'o'.

  • maybe he lost interet, why dont you talk to him about it and tell him how he feels about you?

    • He want talk i have tried telling him that he has changed it just start a arugment we have only been together 3weeks

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