Girls, What's so repulsive about redhead guys?

I've never had a partner before almost every time I've asked a girl straight away nope , always have been myself kind gentle , masters degree in business ( marketing) make really good money , keep myself fit and healthy , yet I find Australian women are repulsed by me and extremely difficult to talk to. ( they all seem to go for guys who are tall dark and handsome ( even though I'm 6,1) I moving to Europe soon for job I've been invited for.

Yet I cannot even get a date :/

Girls, What's so repulsive about redhead guys ?
Girls, What's so repulsive about redhead guys?

Girls, What's so repulsive about redhead guys?


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  • Hey um.. I don't know you but I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with you, okay? Just like every guy, every girl also has their own preferences. Not everyone is the same. It depends on the person. You're not alone, okay? Maybe just try to look on the bright side? I mean, don't you think it would be great if you ended up falling in love with a girl who loves you for who and what you are? Maybe not today but maybe someday you will eventually find the right girl for you and I assure you that your future girl would be so happy that it didn't work out with the other girls. Cheer up, okay?

    • Hey thanks. I'm worried because I'm nearly 27 and never had s proper relationship:/

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