Guys, am I being benched or reading too much into this?

I've been dating a guy for a month, and now his parents are visiting from overseas for a month (and staying at his place). We live an hour away from each other and get that we may not see each other much during this time.

We used to text everyday, but now he takes a a few days to reply, mainly telling me about what they did etc. He watches my Instagram stories and likes photos, but never engages.

He has told me 'Don't see other people, I promise I'll be back soon.' Is he actually too busy to text or am I being benched?


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  • He was very clear, how clearer can he be? Wait till his folks leave thats it.

    I understand that a text takes a fee seconds but he probably didn't see them in a while and he's just like that.

    Wait till they leave and then decide.

  • You're benched. Mommy and daddy are more important. He's just a child yet. YOU have to decide if this is acceptable or not - that's the whole reason for dating.
    And remember, your entire life will be like this if you make it permanent.
    Choose wisely, treat kindly. _Dr. Laura


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