Is this clingy?

I was seeing this guy and everytime we sleep together he wants to cuddle... i think he is so sexy so i can't sleep and i lightly kiss him all night or rub him softly... thing is im a virgin... last time he got pissed i wasn't letting him sleep and he said 'ur making me very aggressive and he said i will sleep in my car... so he went and i felt like he was overreacting and i actually think that he left cause he couldnt control his urge... because the first time he kept saying if ur gonna continue like this im just going to rape you...


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  • You aren't clingy, he is a jerk. This could possibly end in an abusive relationship and I believe you should get away from this asap.

    • he was leaving for two months... i couldnt help myself... he said ur annoying cause i want to sleep and ur not making me sleep... got up went to the bathroom came back try to kiss me goodbye and i pushed him off me... he threw my door open and left it open

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  • umm i would definitely stay away. if he gets that aggressive and says he’s going to rape you that’s really fucked up

  • If he bluntly states he’s gonna rape you... run. Far away. Doesn’t matter if he was kidding or not..

  • I agree with @drewj98 ! Dump that asshole...

    What you describe here is 1 of the sweetest thing a girl can do!

    • he said i was annoying...

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    • Time to leave! He is really wierd! And gross

    • what makes you think that?

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