Guys, He's stopped replying?

I was talking to someone that I've been on dates on with. Because I'm now abroad we said we would keep in contact while I'm gone for the semester until summer, I asked if he wanted to talk via FaceTime on Friday. He seemed enthusiastic and agreed, asking what time. Because he's been messaging me less, I said I'd let him follow up on the call, because I said what time I could and he never replied. So four days goes by and Friday comes and I don't hear from him. I was a bit disappointed. I followed him on Instagram on the Tuesday after, to see if he'd follow back, and he didn't but was liking and followed someone else. I sent him a message on Whatsapp where we normally communicate saying if he didn't want to keep in contact thats no bother. He never opened it or logged into Whatsapp. But it was delivered. So he clearly still has the app. (I also saw he hadn't been online since we made plans about the phone call). Later that day he posted a story on Insta. So he had clearly been on his phone. I could see he clearly wasn't busy. I got really upset after seeing that and then sent a message saying that being disrespected by being ignored is a good enough reason for me to not continue things on my own accord. Wished him the best and said take care. He's never ignored me before. He still hasn't been online, but they have been delivered. He hasn't bothered to read them. I know I'm not blocked because I can see his photo and last seen. He hasn't bothered to go online or even read my messaged.

Now I'm certain this is a clear indication that he's not interested, considering he was pursuing me hardcore prior, now he can't even be bothered to open a message. I haven't even been texting him constantly, and he was originally doing most of the initiating. More like 80/20 or 70/30.

What reasoning would a guy have behind doing this, versus leaving someone on read, or blocking them?


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