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the studio apartment is big enough for me and my husband but doesn't have a yard for the baby to play in but buying a house it wil have big yard for the kid to later on play In the yard when he/she is older as well and i can have the yard for cook outs and hang out with riends and a pool. apartments i will have to share the yard and the neigbors will maybe be loud even if i have a baby. the building complex they dont have a yard but is across the street from a park. the studio apartment is big enough for me and my husband and is cheap. if you were having a baby or already have one did you move out of the small apartment for more room for the baby. i tried to put pictures but wouldn't let me
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  • house is always the best. and lot quieter and peaceful

    • That's what I was thinking , but I dont know if I would find a house anywhere near my family

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    • more stuff dont worry you'll never have enough stuff lol. diapers formula wipes are a never ending process

    • I know that and I'm thinking about heading go the hospital to see about the babies

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  • Studio apartment with anything more than two people, even a baby, is too small.

    • I think I know that and its kind of small for two grownup and since one is currently fat

    • Get the house if you can afford it.

    • i have money put away have been saving for a while now

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