Any other Aussie guys here find it difficult to speak to Aussie women?

I find it really difficult to speak to Australian women , when I was in Europe I found the girls over there really easy to speak to , especially in Scandinavi and Germany. I found the girls there approach you if they're interested ( which was a new experience for me ) in Australia I find if you just say hi ( if you ask for directions or the time ) they will be like I have a boyfriend.

So so do you find Aussie women more defensive and least likely to be friendly?


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  • I've only known one Aussie girl. She happened to be a bit of a jerk. I have no other Aussies for comparison.


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  • Why do you keep creating new accounts and posting the same thing over and over and over again?

    • Because I can you can just ignore the question and move on

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    • Sure, I’ll just moderate without commenting again 😊 good luck with it

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  • I lived in Sydney for over a year, im from London, I would choose Aussie girls over Brits any day. Not even in the same league of bitchiness

    • Your accent helps

    • It scores some points for sure, there is love for the Aussie accent over here too though

  • I have never spoken to a woman from Australia.


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