I'VE FALLEN (for one of my very best friends and now he has a girlfriend and i'm suffering) AND I CAN'T GET UP?

i'll try to keep this as short as possible.

i'm a senior in high school and i've known this kid since seventh grade but over the course of the past year we became really really really close. everyone kept telling me that he was in love with me and that he only smiled when i was around and i think there was some truth to that.

we started talking all the time and he flirted with me constantly and he told me that he wanted to ask someone out - every person i talked to thought that it was me. it wasn't.

him and this other girl have been dating for months now, and she is kind and pretty and perfect. they don't talk about much of anything though. their relationship is kinda superficial, mostly about kissing + other stuff.

he still tells me that i'm his best friend. he claims to hates hugs but he hugs me and opens up to only me and acts like my boyfriend a whole lot. i'm close with every member of his family - in fact, this guy's own brother very recently told my best friend that he's convinced me and this guy are gonna get married one day.

basically, i am living in a romantic comedy. seeing the two of them together hurts and every time i mention another guy, it seems like he gets jealous. i just need an unbiased opinion to tell me if it's time for me to give up or not.

thank you. i'd love and appreciate you unconditionally.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I say play your position as a good friend. And when they break up, make your move and help him get over her. Or you can be aggressive and tell him you want him. As to how you go about it.. that’s all you. You know him better. This girl actually shouldn’t be able to beat you in winning him over you’ve known him longer you should know what he likes


Most Helpful Girl

  • Youve fallen but you need to get up before your friend and his girlfriend walk right over you. Smh. Why didn't you make a move back then when he clearly showed interest?


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  • Just concentrate on what makes him happy. If you love him and he loves another, let him go.

  • Move on. But keep your relationship upto best friends nothing more than that and please stop flirting.


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