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Why don’t boys pursue me anymore?

So this may seem mellow dramatic or trivial but if anyone thinks the answer seems obvious please be inclined to respond. So i’m a junior in high school, and my freshman year many guys would reach out to me and try their hand at talking to me to date. Now it seems guys only reach out to me to hook up or don’t even reach out at all. i hear about guys at my school calling me hot, sexy, etc kind of often, and when i enter a party or some place where guys i have never met before are present, they usually give me attention. ( i understand giving attention and pursuing someone for a relationship are completely different things) but i see other girls around me that don’t seem to be any cooler to hang out with than me or any prettier than me that get asked out, and i just wonder what i can do to get that and not be lonely lol. i don’t let anyone know how lonely i am to not appear desperate and scare guys off or anything. My therapist said that i probably intimidate guys too much but that doesn’t add up to me. I don't know someone help me out i don’t know what else is wrong lol
Why don’t boys pursue me anymore?
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