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Was this rude even though it was a joke?

So me and my guy were laying in bed just chilling and I was looking at his haircut. He has a very typical popular haircut amongst guys at the moment but his hairdresser clearly isn't doing it right so I'd just I would throw it in there how it can look nicer (since it looks a bit funny. but I didn't say that)

I just fiddled with his hair and said in a calm voice '' Shouldn't it be longer here''

And he replied to my question like '' No------etc''

And I said it again '' Yeah I know that but shouldn't there be more hair''

And here is where he replied '' Shouldn't you shut your mouth''

It was a joke but I didn't see what was funny about that at all. We were having a discussion so I don't see what was funny about that whatsoever, it just felt rude and more like ''Okay? Guess I'll stop talking then...'' I didn't say anything after that and just layed down on my pillow and closed my eyes. He then began talking and asking questions about his haircut and I tried being normal about it but I just got very distant after that, thought it was a weird thing to say. But again. I'm VERY sensitive, hence why I'm asking. How would you react?
Was this rude even though it was a joke?
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