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Our conversation is a huge joke?

I met this guy on an online dating app last week and he messaged me first with a funny question. So, I checked out his profile and he looked legit, like someone that likes to crack clever jokes and as a bonus, he was super cute. I replied by playing along to what he said and he replied to that playing along as well. Let's just say that ever since then we have just played along to each other's 'jokes', e. g. we have an ongoing joke that we're getting married. The messages are exchanged every few hours - sometimes I need time to really think about something good to say, lol. Anyway, I really look forward to his messages and I feel like he also puts effort into what he says, i. e. he often sends multiple messages at once that would require a response.

I'm not sure what to do - I really enjoy the conversation we are having but would like to get to actually know him. Should I continue with the wit/banter or drive the conversation elsewhere?
Our conversation is a huge joke?
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