Why does he always have to have a girlfriend?

So my ex-boyfriend and I managed to stay best friends after we ended things. But sine then he's been going through multiple girls, many of them were my friends but none of them worked out. Now he's met another girl, who doesn't hang out in my social circle and now he's always with her and hardly ever around. Why does he feel the need to have a girl so much that he is willing to stop talking/dump all his friends for her?


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  • People often "disappear" from their old social circles when they get involved with a new love interest, especially the older you get. I've went months without hanging out with old friends when I've met a new girl and I've also had my friends disappear from my life when they get into a relationship.

    It's also possible the new girl doesn't want him hanging with ex's which is understandable. I know as guy I would be very suspicious if I was dating a new girl and she was still hanging out with a bunch of guys she had slept with.

    • Well, it's just odd because he just met her this last weekend and he's already so wrapped up in her. I don't understand why we all can't just hang out together, we all go to the same high school. Like I understand they would want there alone time but it seems drastic to ditch your best friends to be with a girl.

      And him and I were never very serious, we had a slight fling and never slept together. This boy has never even kissed a girl. He's a late bloomer.

    • Well often when people get into a new relationship it is at the expense of the rest of their social life. They just enjoy being together so much that they forget how many days have even passed since they've even talked to their other friends. It is possible after your friend settles into his relationship he may start hanging out with you occasionally again. As I said in my answer though, the older you get the more things like this will happen with friends.

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  • How long ago did you break up?

    He may be trying to move on by seeking affection from other girls. There is a possibility he misses you and is trying to forget you by dating other girls. Break ups suck and are hard, sometimes there isn't just one rebound date but multiple with multiple people.

    What is his personality like? Is he a clingy b/f? Did you two hang out ALL the time?

    • We broke up about five months ago, and he's dated one of my best friends inbetween then and now, only it wasn't an issue then because we could all hang out together.

      It's just we're such good friends, you'd think if he wanted to forget me, he would have tried to a long time ago.

      He is the super sweet, like the nicest guy I've ever met, he'll do anything for you but yes, he's super clingy and intense when he likes a girl. And not ALL the time, but a lot more then we do since he met this girl.

  • Part of growing up dating, finding out what you like dotn like in a partner etc...


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