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How busy is too busy for a guy to maintain contact?

There is this guy that I have been talking to and he lives about an hour's flight from my place. When he was first interested in me he would talk to me anytime; sometimes at 3am he'd send a message when he saw me online on facebook. He has a 7yr old daughter from a one night stand and works about 14-18hrs per day and is also an uber driver. He recently lost his business and is caught up in the processing of the paperwork. So yeah I get it; his hands may be very full. He let me know that he was into me but now that I've let him know that I am interested back in him he has just dropped communication big time. He usually has his daughter on weekends and there is zero communication with me. But when he is working he takes a few minutes to communicate with me and it is mainly via texts. I've spoken with him about it and he said that he will try to put in more effort and he feels he will be more available in 2 weeks as his business paperwork will be done by then. Well sadly I'm losing interest and 90% of me believes that he is not that interested or may be seeing someone else as he does not communicate when he is extremely free.

I was attracted to his mature personality and early signs say a lot. Could his business drama be really what is affecting his emotional IQ and should I consider waiting to see how he is after this business drama? The issue is for us women it's easier to disconnect when there is no contact and I don't know if I have 2 weeks of strength to wait and not be anxious about this. I understand his schedule and do not expect 24/7 communication but zero communication says a lot to me.
How busy is too busy for a guy to maintain contact?
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