We kissed and then he said I'm like a sister to him!!!!

we chat online everyday, he used to text me 24/7, we spoke about dating and that's when he drifted away. he said he's not ready to date so I took it slow as well, thinking that he'll come around. we used to have phone sex every night and he enjoyed it but now when I want a relationship with him, he tells me that he feels loved but his not in love and that he loves me the way a brother loves a sister! what is going on? I am so confused! can guys be so dumb? please help!


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  • He's not dumb, his actions are actually very clear. Basically, you're a method for him to get off when he's horny or when he wants attention from a girl. Aside from that, he has no interest in any sort of a romantic relationship with you (trust me, he's more than ready to date if the right girl came along).


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