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I think it was a date, why didn't he kissed me at the end?

SOOO my super introverted guy friend asked me to go to a movie last week and I was confused whether it's a date or not. After going to the "event" tonight I feel like it was. He put on some gel and wore his good shoes and bought the movie tickets before hand. He was more talkative and a bit flirtatious (introverted kind of flirtatious lol), joking about how funny he was which was apparently not. He paid for dinner and the atmosphere was really good. After the movie I asked if he could give me a ride home instead (he was thinking to dropping me off at the metro ), and we did not talk much on the ride back (which is a normal situation even before he asked me out for the movie). I felt like after the movie he started to act like my friend again? if you know what I mean. As I got home and walking back to the door, I though I would try again so I walked back to try to give him another chance or maybe courageously kiss him? but he was still in his seat and all buckled up, asked me if forgot something, and all I can say is, bye, just want to say see you tomorrow!(we have a class tomorrow) Awkward! probably he decided not to like me romantically during the movie?
I think it was a date, why didn't he kissed me at the end?
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