1 y

Did I dodge a bullet?

So I told this guy I liked him and he said he didn't like me back but hoped we could still be friends. I thought, cool, i don't mind being friends. he started being more friendly and complimenting me after this talk but he said he doesn't like me so I was confused af like why shower me with compliments if you're not into me lol.

Some days he'd only say a few words to me and chat other girls up and when he saw that it pissed me off he'd talk to me normally again. When I got over being pissed at him he'd go back to chatting up other girls. He never texts me unless he needs something and he gives me one word responses most of the time so I stopped texting him

I recently got mad at him for treating me like I'm not a friend and he apologized and went back to doing it again. I stopped talking to him because I don't want a friend that plays with my emotions like that and he got mad that I don't talk to him anymore and has been telling people I have problems or whatever because I stopped talking to him. One of the girls he's been chatting up while we were friends is now acting like she won because he's been giving her the same attention he gave her when we were good with each other. He's not worth it right?
Did I dodge a bullet?
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