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I don’t respect him anymore? What should I do?

I met a guy who seemed confident, funny and empathic. He’s also extremely handsome, which is what attracted me at first and made me approach him (first time approaching a guy but he seemed worth it enough).

Anyhow, when he confessed the amount of girls who have had the pleasure to bed him, I lost all my respect for him. He’s only 23 and he’s already slept with over 45 girls. It’s actually pretty disgusting and I find him absolutely worthless. All used up and with no self esteem. He seemed pretty ashamed for it too, understandably, because it’s not something you should brag about.

So my question is how do I tell him what I just said but in a polite way. I don’t want a man who’s gonna let any girl inside his pants. Fuck no, I know my values.
I don’t respect him anymore? What should I do?
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