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My Boyfriend wouldn’t comfort me, what should I do?

Hello. I just need some advice. Saturday to Tuesday morning I went and seen my partner. When I got home (cause i live with my parents And my partner lives 40 minutes away) my stepdad wasn’t doing very well (he had pancreatic cancer). Tuesday the doctors came and he got out into this care. After the ambulance came and got him, I activated my facebook to let some of my family know what happened. My partner didn’t bother that I activated it. Wednesday night, sadly my stepdad passed away. We didn’t know until Thursday morning. Thursday I was really upset and my mind wasn’t in the best of places. Friday and Saturday my partner decided to message me on Facebook and accuse me of chatting up guys and adding them. He want me to deal with the passing and care about and be jealous over girls liking his photos. I didn’t add anyone on Facebook, but I did tell my family of the sad news that had happened. I was and still am devastated, my partner gave me a really hard time, which lead to him calling me on my mobile and abusing me saying I was adding guys and I’m a liar. Well he went to a party Saturday night and comes home today. I just wanted comfort from him and he said “I’ve been trying, but your chatting up guys” which is a lie. Dealing with his shit and what happened, a friend wanted to chat about anime and I said to them “I don’t feel like talking” and it’s not of me to say that. Well my partner called me horrible names on Instagram and made me deactivate Facebook. What should I do?
My Boyfriend wouldn’t comfort me, what should I do?
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