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Boyfriend being insecure?

So first off my boyfriend and I are 25, he has a kid, I do not. He gets his child every other weekend, so the weekends he doesn't get her I spent me whole weekend with him, same with the weekend he gets his kid. With that being said, he's a very depressed person and when he's with me and his kid, he's happy. So onward with the issue, when I want to hang with my friends (They're girls) I usually do this the weekends he has his kid so he's not alone or depressed, but I notice that when I do make these plans, he seems sore at me, like he will partially give me the silent treatment, talk to his kid and his mom but won't strike a conversation with me, he won't hug me or kiss me unless I start it but it feels so empty ya no, like a Peck kiss or a awkward "I'm gonna hug you but Pat you on the back" and today was my plans with my bestest friend and he would text me one worded messages and I asked "Do you no wanna talk to me" and he said "I'm not in a good mood, probably for the best. Have fun tonight" can anyone tell me what you think of this? We've also been dating for almost a year
Boyfriend being insecure?
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