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Girls, First date- Am I wrong to be mad?

So I went on a first date with a guy I met while out at a bar. He asked me if I wanted to meet for dinner and I agreed. He chose to take me to IHOP. Problem number 1... He asked me if I could meet him there. I figured just on the safe side no big deal! I’m in a nice blouse with clean jeans and ankle booties and the guys shows up in sweats and a hoodie. problem number 2
The entire date lasted 20 minutes! Number 3... He texted me minutes later after getting home how he wants to see me more and he isn’t just using that line!
I just can’t get pasted all the problems I saw that night! I literally felt like I’m only worth 20 mins at IHOP. Also I think sweatpants are just fine to wear when going out but when your in an actual relationship and you guys are in that level of comfort! NOT on a first date! I rejected the guy because of his choices that night.
Girls, First date- Am I wrong to be mad?
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