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He won’t let himself have more feelings for me?

This isn’t just something he says to me. He’s even told his friends and our mutual friends. He says he’s 33 now and knows himself and knows I deserve more and won’t be happy with him long term. He says “I think she’s an amazing person but I can’t and don’t let myself have feelings for her because I know how it’ll end.” How can you stop yourself? He’s not trying to stop seeing me either but suggested we stop having sex and try to be just friends so we can stay in each other’s lives. And that he knows it won’t be easy but he thinks the connection we have is worth preserving. Now, we’ve said we love each other and been having sex for 8 months. He def does have feelings for me but he doesn’t want to let himself fall any harder i guess? Have you ever stopped yourself from liking someone you know isn’t right for you?
He won’t let himself have more feelings for me?
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