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Am I getting upset over nothing?

This issue doesn’t happen a lot, but it still does every once in a while...
My boyfriend and I will make plans usually three days in advance to hang out together. His mom lives about 15 minutes away from my house and his dad, 25 minutes away. My parents usually let me borrow the car almost all the time so I can pick up my boyfriend or drop him off. But he never does the same for me. It’s Winter right now and his parents don’t let him borrow the vehicle. He doesn’t have much freedom as I do with a car. So, we try to balance the driving between me and his parents.
Anyways, sometimes when his parents say they can drive him to my house or pick him up, they last second say they don’t feel like it anymore. I get really upset when this happens. Like, we made plans a few days in advance and we planned who was driving where. Then last second we can’t hang out anymore because his mom or dad doesn’t “feel” like driving anymore. I don’t think that’s fair... they already agreed to doing it! I would never do that. When my friends ask me to drive them places and even if I end up not feeling like it anymore, I still drive them because I don’t want to ruin their plans. You know? My mom yelled at me when I got upset about his dad canceling last second. I think I am over reacting a bit. What do you guys (or girls) think? Thanks in advance!
Am I getting upset over nothing?
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