She is searching for excuses not to date me, should I move on?

First: I'm no native English speaker, so excuse my bad grammar etc. I hope it's ok.

So I met this girl at the Internet for about 1 month ago.

We're chatting a lot, phoned a few times and webcam chat,

but if it comes to meeting each other in real life I think she is searching for excuses to not meet with me.

The first time I tried to date with her was 1 week ago, we agreed on a Saturday evening. On the said Saturday I waited the whole day for her to get a time to meet with her. The end of the day was that she called me 8PM and said that she was out with a friend and its now to late to date. I reacted a little bit not amused to this. (Maybe this was a fault but this is me...). I agreed with her to meet the following day...

The following day (Sunday): Same thing... I'm waiting the hole day for a answer but at this day she don't even cancel the date...

The next day I asked her out what was up. She answered that she was at her family and was scared that I would be angry that she cancel the date again...

However I said that I'm not, but that she should have canceled the date.

So I tried to date her this weekend she just answered 'no time'.

I know she is just siting at home and have time plenty.

What should I do? Move on?


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  • Just go for other women and stop giving her your undivided attention. Women notice this and take advantage of it to keep you around to make themselves feel good. I'm sure she'll come around when she wants to date you.


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  • Maybe she's scared if you meet her in person you won't like her.

    • I got that though, too. Especially because she is a little bit shy.

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  • Just tell her if she ever decides she has time to go out with you to call you and then just wait. She me may call or she may not. In the meantime don't be afraid to pursue other women.

    • I'm a little bit afraid that she is to shy to do this....

      Oh I'm never afraid to pursue multiple woman ;) But if I let that one go without never meeted her I'm afraid that I missed something that could be beatiful...

    • That is a difficult situation but I don't know what else you can do. You can't force her to meet you in person. You could just keep talking to her on the internet or whatever but things may just stay the same and she may keep disappointing you with these no show dates.

    • I'm totally not going to just keep talking etc to her, this situation just disappoints me to much and there is a high risk to land in friendzone if I do that.

      I need to set a sign to provoke a reaction by her you're totally right.

      But I'm a little bit worried to do it to harsh.