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Question to the "booty" or "butt" guys out there? Is this a deal breaker?

Let me set this up properly. My boyfriend is a booty man and has been since the very start of our relationship. Around month 5 he started complimenting me about my backside and would occasionally smack it as I walked by or if I was bending down to get something. I don't mind because of course it's flattering that he's so attracted to it. Well we've been dating for 3 years and sometimes when I'm sleeping on my stomach (if I'm wearing shorts, a skirt or thongs) he'll give it a massage and play with it. Now I'm gonna admit something embarrassing that happened a few days ago. As he was rubbing it I could feel my stomach knotting up cause I hadn't been feeling well that day and I asked him to stop. Another thing you should know is that none of my exes ever heard me fart including my current boyfriend. He was all "Why should I stop? You're so sexy lying there like that." I tried getting up but the movement shifted things around in my stomach lol and I accidentally farted on his hand! I could not even speak from embarrassment and just blushed until he cracked up laughing. He was like "That was freaking disgusting, Mel. I felt that too." I was like "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to." He continued laughing and was like "You couldn't hold that until I finished playing?" I was like "okay you can't help these things sometimes!" That just made him laugh more and as he was washing his hands he was like "You know that's the first time you farted in front of me too. Actually you farted ON me." After we recovered from our laughing fit he was cracking jokes and didn't give it a rest until I was blushing so much I could feel it in my cheeks. I don't know how to recover from this & worried he won't be attracted to me anymore
Question to the "booty" or "butt" guys out there? Is this a deal breaker?
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