Is he really over me or is he just saying he's over me?

In a nut shell my ex boyfriend and I were together for years...and we were each others first loves. We got into a rut recently and broke up.

Its been about 3 months now and in those 3 months he has told me he has hardly missed him and I much and still sees no future together, but we can be good friends. He has been hanging with a girl and they talk a lot. BUT when I flirt with a guy he gets can see it in his face. And I've been told he checks up on my facebook often. He kept my love letter I gave him a week ago asking him to reconsider us again...old love letters when we were together I would say sure keep those..but recent ones after the break up and you claim your over them...WHY? lol and he kept an old mouse pad I wrote all over saying I love you and such (it was when we were together I wrote that lol), why would he keep that junk? I know this because I get to go see our dog everyday at his house. He has asked me if I have been dating, and he acts totally comfortable around me walking around in boxers and such. He always goes in for a hug when its time to say goodbye. We still text...he even texted me back while he was hanging with this new girl he's been talking to. Is he lying about saying he's over me? Is he really not yet over me but wanting to try to get over me?


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  • he's trying to break up or finding excuses for it to naturally happen...the memento is just a souvenir of that experience...he wants you as a friend for the other goody stuff as far as they go...don't be surprised if you become a rebound or fallback girl if things go sour with his new girl


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