Dating traditions, and whether it is okay for the girl to ask the guy out or if I should wait.

Most times my experiences with men are pretty cut and dried. American men, even the awkward ones, never seem to have trouble letting me know they're interested in me. But last year I met this student from Taiwan--he's been in the States less than a year and only for school. I started out as his English tutor, but our "lessons" turned more into friendly conversations by the end. At that time I was too afraid to make a move--he was my only source of income and I didn't want to jeopardize that in case things didn't work out. Now that I'm no longer working for the guy, and we've seen each other a few times as friends, I feel safer about telling him I like him. My only fears now are that A) Maybe in his culture this isn't dating, and I've been misinterpreting all along, and B) Will it scare him away? I would especially like to hear from Chinese men (Not Chinese American!) about dating traditions, and whether it is okay for the girl to ask the guy out or if I should wait.


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  • Good question CrazySadie. I'm Taiwanese myself and you should definitely ask him out. It's twenty ten, Asian parents aren't that paternalistic anymore - a lot of the perceived cultural clashes are just stereotypes and in fact you may get on great with his parents. Especially if they see that you're treating him with respect. I doubt he'll be scared away. He's probably just unsure how to approach you, as much as your unsureness of how to approach him. You should definitely take the initiative if you like him - try dropping some hints but if he doesn't get it then ask him straight up. Taiwanese guys are friendly and we treat women with respect, so you guys will get on great.


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  • The way I see it, you'll never know if you never tried. Regardless of someones dating traditions or their religion or beliefs, there is nothing wrong with the human nature of letting someone someone know your attracted to them. Just ask him out. See where it goes. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • I wish more girls would initiate


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