Would you like a person just because he or she shows clear interest in you? Would you put an effort to get to know him or her?

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  • No
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  • Flirt just for fun and take advantage ot the situation but will not really like him or her
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  • I will like the fact someone is attracted to me and i will flirt just to gain confidence but not really will like him or her
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't want to feel rejected without showing who I really am. Same for the opposite.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I always give people a chance so id get to know the person. I would not lead them on in any way but if they are a dick why even try?

    • If the girl really showing her sincere like to you, would you play her?

    • I dont play people lol Im a straight up person I just tell people the truth.

  • i did that and she ended up being actually not my type at all so i stopped pursuing

    • How long it took to realize she is not suitable? I am curious!

    • A matter of weeks or monthes?

    • it was a matter of many things over time so about 1 month and this happened with a girl twice in my life

What Girls Said 1

  • no it wouldn't change anything


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