I need dating advice badly! My husband died & I haven't dated since I was 18!

soooo I've been out of the dating game since I was in my teens...my husband died in the last year so I am new to this whole dating "thing"...I'm now in my early 30hs & have met this guy who I think is great & we talked about getting to know each other better & see what happens in the future...so I have been texting him one small text like every other day & he always calls back & we talk for a long time about everything (from our ex's to sex)BUT he never calls or texts me 1st so I have no idea whether he is interested or not? what do you all think? Thanks so much!

awwww...thanx for the comment! yea things are just so different now...I know guys are supposed 2 be the chasers & that its in their nature but I just hate the games! If you like me just say sooo! But yea I don't like that I have 2 text first...


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  • I am so sorry to hear of your loss. That is so very sad but life is for the living - and I'm happy to see that you are opening up your heart again. Lots of people have been married for decades and then get back into the "dating scene".. VERY Scary... It's a new era - new rules - and you have to protect yourself! ... Texting is great - phone calls - occasional dinner -- Please go S L O W. The first guy you meet is unlikely the new "love of your life".. The attention he gives is great and very flattering.. But the guy should pursue you. (Part of your post I was unable to read due to my small monitor... but I think you said YOU always have to text first?) Please stop. Do nothing. Let him pick up the ball and run with it.. If he doesn't - he's not that interested. He may be texting other women, too. So please pay attention.. Enjoy your single life - meet many guys - make new friends -- Don't concentrate on a "RELATIONSHIP" but work on developing FRIENDSHIPS... TAKE YOUR TIME. It's not a race! Don't know how long you've known this guy - but if he treats you with respect, honesty, kindness, and is trustworthy - he sounds like a winner. Is he where he says he's gonna be? Does he do what he says he will do? Have you ever caught him in a lie? That will tell you if he likes you. Good luck. Hugz.

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