How direct are you? Do you like people being direct with you?

I've noticed a bunch of questions on G@G about what someone means when they say something, or what their intentions might be if they do certain things or behave a certain way. Like "What does it mean when he looks at me (in a certain way)?" or "What did he say when he said (something in a conversation or text)?"

I honestly don't know how to answer that questions. I can suggest possible motivations, but I wouldn't know what someone is thinking exactly. This leads me to an important philosophy: The direct approach is best. That dictates that one should be very clear with their intensions instead of trying to imply things and expect others to understand the meaning behind something in their own; That's how misunderstandings and miscommunications happen.

This also means that if a spouse, significant other, love interest, or crush says something that is unclear to you, you should ask them directly what they really meant. For example, instead of asking G@G what a guy or gal meant by a specific phase, just all them politely and directly: "I'm sorry, I don't understand. What did you mean by 'XYZ'?"

Personally, I order that people be very direct, or even blunt. I get supremely annoyed when people aren't direct with me, it just dance around something instead of telling me directly. I also like to be very forward. For example: If someone has bad breath, I tell them right away, but I also advise them on how to take care of it. I make sure I do that confidentially though.

I understand that many aren't very direct because they have social anxiety it are just too shy. Could that explain the line of thought behind the questions I mentioned above?

Anyway, here are some poll choices to answer the title question:
  • I'm very direct, and I like for people to be direct with me.
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  • I'm rarely direct, but I like for people to be direct with me.
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  • I'm very direct, but I don't care if people aren't direct with me.
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  • I'm rarely direct, and I prefer that people not be too blunt with me.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • There's a difference between being direct and being rude. Anything can be said directly but with some tact it doesn't have to seem rude.

    • Absolutely! That's one thing that I find annoying: people often confuse directness with rudeness. I'm all for being straight forward, but a little diplomacy doesn't hurt.

Most Helpful Guy

  • If someone wants a opinion give it, direct and honest. Why the f*ck would you waste time pandering to their sensitivities, if they can't handle it then don't put out a question for others to answer, some don't want the truth, some do, but wasting your time giving a 'fluffy' answer that's PC correct is a waste of valuable time because you're helping someone, if they can't appreciate your honest opinion then whatever f*ck em... you wasted time to help them and they can't appreciate honesty then move on. If you have time to waste then it's your funeral and life, do whatever the f you want with it, who am I to judge/tell you what to do, that's my honest answer... I don't sugar coat anything, like it, don't like it, I don't care! Just trying to help... cheers.


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What Girls Said 7

  • Blunt to a fault. I don't give my opinion unless requested, but when it is, I holding nothing back and spare no feelings. I not only prefer the same in return, I might not respect you if you don't.

    Wishy-washy, indecisive people, are almost always insecure people, who in turn tend to be two faced, because they want to please whomever is right in front of them just to avoid conflict.

  • I am pretty direct myself but if the person is someone older, i will subtly add hints here and there since i have to 'respect' older person. And i will prefer it if someone is direct with me as well as i honestly hate guessing games and even if it is a criticism, curse words or negative opinion, it would be good to be direct as well.

    • Honey, I have lived in tough places. I did not know the last Dallas apt complex was all black except for maybe 10 whites. I like kids and I saw I sweet little blonde girl and would joke and such. However her mother got into a low class rage calling me a pervert because someone said so. Now I deduced that the parents of the little blonde's play mate (not the magazine LOL) who was brunette had start the nast rumor. So I sense danger and the blonde was on her pink bike next to me while the security gate opened. Because of the hassle I did not lower my window to say "be careful" So when I returned from having my morning coffee the police were 50 fet from my door arresting the garbage truck driver, the coroner's people were there and a fire truck and TV cameras. A small tarp covered the body with her head crushed flat under the truck tire and the pink bike between the rear tires. It was the brunette not my blonde friend. Now this heavy punishment for "False Witness" will be explai

  • Direct and want the same from people speaking to me.

  • I say I want them to be direct to know if they are assholes or not right away lol. Direct shouldn't mean pointlessly mean in my book. But, for example, if someone talks shit about me or anyone else I call them out on it. If someone is telling a story that might not be true I believe it is anyways because people who say "that's bull" or anything like that are just trying to undermine others experiences based on their opinion. So I hear everyone out, so I hear everyone out and try not to undermine their beliefs... try.

  • Very direct

  • I want someone to be direct

  • I am very direct and I want the same from others


What Guys Said 1

  • If I be to direct every fucking person dislikes it.. And yeah I loose 7points


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