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Is avoiding dating a good thing to do?

As a guy I feel dating really doesn't benefit guys at all. The biggest thing guys get out of relationships is sex. But at what price do they have to pay for that? Girls are so controlling they take you away from your friends. And worst of all girls play mind games and what not and then they cheat on your ass. What's the point? I know a lot of guys in relationships and they tell me how their girlfriends never show them affection or care about them, cook for them and what not, from my experiences this is true. Girls think if guys as toys that have to treat them like princesses while they get bored and cheat on you.

Sex is so easy to get these days as well. Girls will give it to any guy they find attractive. All girls are sluts when drunk and young women go to clubs and what not every weekend or so... so it's simple to bring girls home these days, even if they have boyfriends. Especially at college, vacation, spring break, festivals... girls at these places are wild and will suck you dry after meeting you for 5 minutes. Sex is easy to get, girls are unfaithful, monogamy is dead, and relationships only benefit women... so whats the point?

Also by saying women I don't mean all but I mean the majority. Normal girls behave like I stated above and I understand there are some exceptions...
Is avoiding dating a good thing to do?
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