Should I stop hanging out with him?

I've always been kinda of a loner, not by choice, since grade school. But, recently I have been hanging out with this guy who has likes me since eighth grade when he was dating my former best friend so for about three years. People keep asking us if we are dating which we find funny but I know he wants it to happen.

He has dated many girls basically having a new one every week while I haven't had one since I can't find anyone that I would enjoy having a relationship with. What I heard from my friend/ his ex Krystal all he wants in a relationship is sex which is why they broke up. Sure, I want to lose my virginity someday but I don't want to lose it to a guy that slightly creeps any out that deep down I slightly fear and hate.

The other day once again I told him I couldn't see myself dating him. His reply was a smug "Never say never." He wants to remain in West Virginia for the rest of his life while I want to go off and travel the world exploring all the wonders it has to offer. He is an atheist that mocks others views while I am a Christian that respects others choice of religion and more then happy to have them explain it to me. I love dying my hair odd colors and dressing in things that grab attention while he had plain, dull black hair and dresses in white t-shirts with black pants. He would trap me in a world I detest for to much simplicity and scheduled plans that never waver.

I'm tired of him thinking he will finally get me and I don't have a word in. I loathe people trying to put us together. What should I do?


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  • Basically tell him YOU don't want to date never will and if he doesn't respect yoru decision you will not be his friend anymore and it will be his loss.

    • I have told him most of those things and even did stop being his friend for a little while but the boy doesn't listen.

    • Then you have no choice but to not be his firend forever.

  • from that I think he's a creepr. And the sex thing eh some people find it mean and rude I think its just simply what he's into atm. And I recomend nevr dating him hun. find a guy you like and are attracted to. And if the guy your talking about is seriously not taking a hint...just try force see how well that works out.