Spending the night on the first date?

And I don't mean that in a sexual way.

We're going on our first date soon;and by the time we get done, it'll be too late (and he'll be too tired) for him to drive all the way back home (he lives quite a distance from me).

We've both agreed that we're ot interested in having sex at this stage, so would there be anything wrong with him staying.

Also, he'd have to sleep in my bed because there's not much space at my place.


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  • So long as you feel comfortable sleeping with him then there isn't any problems. My best and longest lasting relationship started with a drunken one night stand. Three years later we broke up because she moved back to Poland and I couldn't travel with her. So the whole "She put out so I don't want her" myth is ridiculous. Furthermore, if the guy thinks that way then you probably don't want him anyway, because he doesn't care about you just getting laid, and he'd dump you after getting some even if it took a month to get it.

    • I dated a guy like that once before, and that's exactly how it ended.

      But this guy, luckily, is different than my ex.

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  • I slept over with this guy the first date.

    we didn't plan on fooling around.. things just lead up to it.

    our relationship ended badly :/

    I wish you luck! :)

  • i guess that's OK as long as their no sex or fooling around. it can be really sweet to just cuddle in each others arms